1. Our Mission
    The ultimate goal of The Peace Stone Foundation is to bring the world peace. We know this goal is not that easy to achieve but we also know that we should initiate something.
    NPO, "STONE FOR PEACE ASSOCIATION OF HIROSHIMA" started to donate a so-called Peace Stone to each Head of the State in the world to share the desire for peace in 1991. These stones were actually hit by the atomic bomb in August 1945 and were revived by the people in Hiroshima as a silent witness of the tragedy which took 140,000 of lives instantly. As of June 2009, approximately 100 heads have accepted the Stone, and they are displayed in public.
    As this worldwide activity expands, providing opportunities for children to receive basic education has come up as the necessity to pursue peace in a grass-root level. Improving educational opportunities so that children can learn and grow international understanding and harmonization, which is THE PEACE STONE FOUNDATION believes as its mission.
    THE PEACE STONE FOUNDATION will make grants to support or assist educational projects for children who can not afford to go to school. Its activity in collaboration with the "STONE FOR PEACE ASSOCIATION OF HIROSHIMA" will surely lead the way toward world peace in a long run.

  2. Our Activities
    • To provide assistance to educational projects for children such as literacy training in developing countries;
    • To assist NGOs and relevant organizations which are active in helping educational programs internationally;
    • Publication of periodicals;
    • Other educational activities

  3. Areas of Coverage (Plan)
    Southeast Asia such as Indonesia, Cambodia, and Thailand, African countries and others

  4. Contact
    The Peace Stone Foundation
    Taito-ku Tokyo 111-0052 Japan
    Mr. Michio Umemoto, Chairman of the Board of Directors
    Mr. Shigeo Taguchi, Managing Director & Executive Secretary